Thursday, February 16, 2017

It's Two Months!

Today 17th February already right?

How can I forgot?! 2 months ago, 17th December we just leave our beloved college life... And now, I'm just chilling at home and be a babysitter to my little Damia, 2 years old.

How I missed my student nurse life. the stress out, lack of sleep and rest, fixed timetable, shift ups and downs, wad yang always disaster & jonah bila sem 6 masuk. Who's jonah? hahaha but I very appreciate because I do have my lovely-pendengar-yang-setia because every time I came back from the hospital, I will tell him everything going wrong and well dan membebel-bebel walaupun 500 miles away (thankyou A). So, my life will be better after that hehehe :p

Here we're. The place where I met a lot of people in my life, The place where I learn the meaning of patience, the meaning of faithful and loyal so that I can be strong until now and may last forever? hehe

Bye college. Thanks for the freedom! We did it! haha

dah lama tak merepek. grammar mistakes everywhere!
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